Clinical Hypnotherapists

Kevin & Heather Smith:



Why is Hypnotherapy so Effective?

Clinical Hypnotherapy is completely natural and safe with no harmful side effects and is used by healthcare professionals all over the western world.

In Clinical Hypnotherapy you do remain in control and are able to hear and talk with your therapist. The actual experience is a little difficult to describe, as it is very individual, but it is a very pleasant state of relaxation, using an altered state of mind, so that guided by your therapist you may, by relaxed negotiation and agreement of both your conscious and unconscious mind, (the part that drives our emotional responses and tends to do things automatically - even when we don’t want it to!)  make the lasting, beneficial change that you seek.

Consultations required do depend upon the nature of the particular challenge, as we are all individuals, so all that can be said is that often, for example, a  resolve, such as the breaking of the smoking habit, requires a single session, whereas other, often more lifelong difficulties may need a series of consultations. You are welcome to contact Heather and Kevin for further guidance and information.

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